QR codes at ReHouse

Even if you don’t use QR codes, you have certainly noticed these strange pixel filled squares popping up all around. They look like miniature geometric works of art, but did you know you can actually learn from them?

At the local grocery store you can scan QR codes on everything from fresh produce to frozen dinners to infant diapers, and you might find recipes, instructions, or coupons.


When you are driving around town on a house hunt you can scan QR codes to look up detailed listings for the homes you want to know more about instead of collecting listing sheets from the box in the front yard.


A significant percentage of middle and high school students have access to a device with a QR reader which has become an actual learning tool for many.  Put that in your Funk and Wagnalls.


“What are these codes doing in ReHouse?” you’re asking.  Oh, so many things. For instance…

We are already using QR codes on our gift cards for ease of use.


Now you can scan a QR code to register for our upcoming workshops.


When you scan the QR code on this unusual industrial piece (left) you may discover that it was once part of a Popcorn & Peanut wagon (right).

In the future you will be able to scan the QR code on this garden cart, custom built by Paul, for his instructions on how to design and build your own.

garden cart by paul

The Quick Response Code possibilities are endless, and we are just getting started.  We hope to expand our use of these codes to help you learn more about our products, their uses, their origins, and the amazing futures they may hold.  Scan to your heart’s content.


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