Barn Wood Walls with Sliding Door (part 2)

We have been following the progression of a strange, unloved corner in our store.  You can rewind and read part 1 HERE.  Now that the barn wood has been installed there is the question of the doorway.  It is the not so glamorous entrance to a storage room.  It previously had white louvered bi-fold doors similar to the ones shown below (from Home Depot’s site) with one difference.  The slider was broken so they tended to flap around when opened.

louver doors

You may know that we sell barn door tracks.  These come in many designs and lengths.  We have originals salvaged from barns and new ones still in boxes.  No matter which look you prefer, barn tracks are IN.  The problem is that there is no good way to display them except by mounting a working door for people to see.  So that’s what we did here.


This is a set of new tracks that we sell in the store.  They come with instructions which we were able to follow without any problem.  We did have to make one adjustment.  The included bolts that hold the track to the wall were too short.  This wall is extra thick though, so they should be good for a normal wall.


The track set we chose is cast iron with a traditional design.  The track is just under 6′ long.  The door opens so smoothly now!  I want one at home.


The room behind the door is still for employees only, but now you can get a real sense for how these barn tracks look and feel before you purchase a set to install in your home.


Stay tuned for one more delightful addition to this space.  GATHER by design has moved in and is calling this corner home.


2 thoughts on “Barn Wood Walls with Sliding Door (part 2)

    1. I asked the experts (the guy who installed the door). He said that it may need so extra reinforcement such as a large washer on the back. This would prevent the hardware from pulling through the less sturdy hollow core material. I hope this helps!


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