Reclaimed Factory Carts


Not long ago ReHouse acquired 2 dozen or more of these reclaimed factory carts. The wood is amazingly weathered, and the wheels are not only functional but beautiful. I’m sure you’ve seen similar ones in high end retail stores that boast [expensive] rustic industrial decor.  In a quick google shopping search I discovered the following industrial factory cart tables for sale.

top row, left: vintage refurbished cart from State Street Salvage on Etsy, $825  middle: HomeBelle reproduction cart, average price online $628.89  right: Tribecca Home reproduction cart, online price $419.99

bottom row, left: Home Decorators Collection Holden reproduction cart, average price online $554.34  middle: original vintage Lineberry cart on Etsy, $850  right: Bassett Mirror Co. reproduction cart, average online price $752.45.

WOW! Refurbished originals go for over $800 online.  Seriously?  That makes my pocketbook hurt!  This is your official invitation to create a perfect accent for your home AND save hundreds of dollars doing it.


Step 1: Check Pinterest for inspiration.  Here are a few we found:

Step 2: Choose your project cart.  We still have over a dozen to choose from ranging from $135 (these red dot specials may be falling apart but the bones are still good) to $185 (not falling apart but needing some TLC).


Step 3: Build it! Many of the Pinterest images link to directions. Our advice: make sure you measure twice and cut once.  Here are a few of the finished pieces built by our staff.

Your turn!  We want to see your creations.  Post a comment and/or a photo of your completed factory cart projects.  We can’t wait!


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