Dragonflies for the Garden Fence

Every day we help our customers find just the right salvaged item to add to their period homes creating works of architectural beauty.  Most people do not know that every day we also help our customers find just the right salvaged item to create works of art.

Jack came in recently on a mission for his daughter.  She had found some amazing dragonflies on Pinterest that can be used to liven up a boring garden fence.  He wanted to make a few for her and came to us for the salvaged items: fan blades and table legs.

inspirationThe first inspiration image he showed me on his phone was this one.  Originally pinned from, Saved By Love Creations, blogger Johnnie Collier offers a detailed tutorial for making these spunky guys from vintage ceiling-fan blades and decorative table legs.  She shows each step including how to shape the fan blades and add painted details.  Johnnie starts out by sharing with her readers where her original inspiration came from…

inspiration2Her inspiration happens to also be the next one Jack showed me when he came in.  Lucy Laglois from Lucy Designs Online shows in step by step detail how she made her original dragonflies. Lucy’s tutorial includes details on how she added decorative molding and fancy saw work to her elegant insects.  Her images also show the original state of her salvaged finds.

check our basement for all spindles, piano legs, and balusters

Jack and I took a look around the ReHouse Architectural Salvage store for some wings and bodies.  We discovered 5 ceiling fan blades for $1 a piece, and he chose 3 salvaged banister spindles for $5 each.  For $20 Jack was able to create these 3 unique winged insects for his daughter’s garden fence.


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